SNOWGA. Yep, it’s a thing.

If a daily chaturanga forms part of your routine, don’t let your snow holiday get in the way of that.

Yes, you can downward dog in your hotel room or chalet, but if it’s a blue bird day, why not get the new trend SNOWGA a go.

Instagram-Yogi-Queens have taken to the trend snapping bendy shapes in the snow…Check out these five snow-ga snaps to inspire your winter wellness routine.

Today is a breakfast at Chik-fil-a, Monkey Joes with cousins, play until your hearts content kind of day! Well, until 1:00, then it’s the start of our school day. 😂 #HappyFriday #blessed #latergram

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Lady's and gentlemen, tonight's sunset was breathtaking. I cried when I saw it. Amazing things are taking place. People are kind and generous. Life is good. Photo: @mdpny from last year. @playfulpractice and met with him again last night and I froze. Haha. It was so much fun and he's super talented.

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There's nothing more important on our spiritual path than developing gentleness to oneself. — Pema Chodron . #30dayyogaliving . . #snowga #highvibes #soulsisters #heavilymeditated #badassbabe #yoga #yogagirl #sweatitout #namaste #yogaeverydamnday #yogafit #practicepracticepractice #yogainspiration #yogaoutside #outdooryoga #yogainnature #yogagram #yogafun #keepitwild

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The process of self-healing is the privilege of every being. Self-healing is not a miracle, nor is self-healing a dramatization of the personality as though you could do something superior. Self-healing is a genuine process of the relationship between the physical and the infinite power of the soul. -Yogi Bhajan Playing a little catch-up on the ice ❄️💕❄️💕❄️ Day 1 of of our #janYOUary2018 challenge was #revolvedtriangle or #parivrttatrikonasana Hosts: @bohemian_heart @alissayoga @yoga_lovely Sponsors: @aloyoga @sigednyoga @infinitystrap @aubrylaneofficial

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Happy 1st Day of Spring! 🌷🌺🌻 And apparently there's snow in the forecast so this flashback photo seemed appropriate, no? ❄️❄️❄️ Mermaid variation of Eka Pada Rajakapotasana for today's #blossomintospring with @pocketdwarf @robinmartinyoga @seonia @mansuz @aloyoga @mantraband // 📷 @laura_austin

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