A Sculptor’s Home is a Work of Art

When a talented, artistic architect is building a home, they usually take the creative lead. But things change a bit when that same architect is building a home for an artist who has made a living and career out of aesthetic, form and meaning. Which is exactly what happened when sculptor Jacek Jarnuszkiewicz teamed up with architects Marie-Claude Hamelin and Loukas Yiacouvakis to build his magnificent house in the woods of Quebec. The project followed specific guidelines, namely that the sculptor himself would do the first design and then each of the two architects would build on top of it, adding creative layers to the home itself.

The vertical aspect was also a theme that was agreed on in the design of the house, as that allowed for the clearest and strongest expression of the surrounding landscape’s essence, to really exhibit the beautiful, surrounding chiaroscuro coniferous forest. There are also two different types of wood used, one light and one dark, which is the clearest sign of design choices between the sculptor and the architects as the project was handed off between them. And the floor plan is open and bright, truly opening itself up to the surrounding nature and making it feel almost as if you are living in a modern treehouse.

It is, as Jarnuszkiewicz clearly envisioned, a sculpture in nature.