Moncler Latest Ad Campaign featuring Liu Bolin and shot by Annie Leibovitz

Moncler have launched their amazing new Fall – Winter 2017-18 advertising campaign featuring Invisible Man artist Lui Bolin, shot by American photographer Annie Leibovitz.

We love brands that take risks and see fashion as a work of art and performance.

For Moncler, the extraordinary performer, Liu Bolin, master of the invisible and impossible, replays the surrealistic and fantastical card, incorporating the enchantment of a chameleon-like suffused camouflage.

On this occasion, the outline of the artist’s body immerses itself in a natural reality; merging and blending with a grandiose icy wintery Nordic landscape – all in the Moncler’s Doudoune Legère snowsuit that was created in celebration of the artist.

Iceland, immersed in the glaciers, which are reflected in the icy and shiny almost metallic waters, is showcased in a range of woven colours that includes infinite shades of grey, lead, anthracite and evanescent sky blue. Landscape is represented by icebergs as incredible and colossal sculptures, and expansion of jagged fragments of crystallised snow, in which the artist emerges almost transparent.