Reboot the Boot. Clarks New Contemporary Take On Sneakers.


Clarks has long been an often unsung fashion hero – merely a staple – rather fashion piece.

However, this year the brand has recently built a new following with its contemporary take on sneakers.

Clarks is releasing a limited edition Nature V Snow Livery Boot, an updated version of its Nature V shoe and it is very, very chic.

Clarks’ Nature shoes received their first significant update in almost four decades earlier this year, signaling the brand’s continued evolution and relevance when it comes to fashion-focused footwear.

The Snow Livery Boot, is part of the collection and has an undeniably fashion-forward aesthetic, its overall wearability is universal and its functionality conclusively favors an active lifestyle.

Its practical secrets start beneath the hood with the hand-carved wooden last that provides an ergonomic, asymmetric fit, an anatomically-formed footbed, and a high-density heel cup that maximises responsiveness. The upper protects against snow and rain, utilizing a combination of premium nubuck and wool with rubber wrap and neoprene detailing.

The limited edition Nature V Snow Livery Boot is available to buy online or in store. Find out more via the link below.