Too Tired To Ski? An all natural vitamin supplement to help reboot your mornings

You’ve woken up with a raging headache from either one to many Malbec’s or continual jet lag but its a Blue Bird day and you don’t want to miss a minute on the slopes?… We’ve all been there.

Rather than grabbing the coffee and knocking back pain killers, give The Nue Co a try. A new, all natural vitamin range born out of London.

The brand like to stick with what they know best. Science. Their vitamin formulations have had all fillers removed and replaced with active ingredients and organic foods.

Up to 50% of the ingredients in traditional supplements are fillers, chemicals, and preservatives. The remove every unnecessary component meaning every ingredient in our formulas is active.

The Nue Co have a particular product called ‘Profile 1’ which is especially designed for ‘SOS’ circumstances like these.

The product includes milk protein, which is made from organic, hormone-free milk from grass-fed cows. Quickly absorbed and easy to digest, it delivers all nine essential amino acids and the same amount of protein as two eggs. Paired with their energy food, a magnesium + vitamin B rich blend of beetroot, goji berry and maca, designed to boost energy levels longterm. So you’ll be feeling chipper in no time. 

A great supplement to carry in your carry on and to have sitting around the lodge for the family to use.

PROFILE 1 – The Nue Co