Canadian Lake House By Nicholas Fudge

Nicholas Fudge Architects have built a house that matches the uniqueness of the Bras D’or Lake in Nova Scotia, Canada.

The Bras D’or Lake is actually an inland sea, meaning it is a large body of water consisting partially of fresh and salt water. Bras D’or sits in the center of Cape Breton Islands. For such a unique local, only a unique house will do, and that’s what Fudge has done.

The project was actually prefabricated off-site. This approach allowed for a shorter construction time and had the benefit of not exposing the structure to the elements for an extended period. It only took two days to assemble the 1,900 square foot home. The walls feature 2X4 studs on a 2X8 plate, thus eliminating thermal bridging for increased energy efficiency.

The home is actually three separate sections joined by a central hallway that both ties the structures together and serves as a public space. The hallway also houses the owner’s office. The larger of the section is meant to be another public space dining, cooking, and living areas. The other two sructures serve as private rooms.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the home is the slope of the roof. The ceilings rise from front to back, creating a optic of the house stretching on longer than it actually does. The ceilings’ highest points face the incredible view of the Bras D’or Lake, while the lower ends seem anchored to the surrounding forest. The lake-view end opens into floor-to-ceiling windows.