Moncler’s New Kids collection: Spring Summer 201

There is nothing cuter than babies in Moncler. Period.

Moncler, the Italian fashion giant, can be inspired by modern and urban styles. The label relies on exquisite natural materials. In addition, Moncler stands for comfort and convenience.

As one has come to expect of the brand, Moncler’s current children’s collection is very child-friendly. Parents will discover jackets, skiing suits and vests that will keep their little ones warm while playing or practicing sports. Apart from Moncler’s signature jackets, you will also find t-shirts, dressess, onesies or baby hats. Overall, the collection has a simple but elegant look that accentuates your child’s personality. Moncler designs clothing for both girls and boys. Smaller children look great in Moncler for babies.

Moncler’s line for children combines the practical with the beautiful. This is best exemplified by its children’s jackets. Down jackets, snow suits and ski suits are finished to the highest standards and filled with premium downs that will keep children of all ages warm in cold weather. In addition, all of Moncler’s pieces for children are robust and resistant but light as a feather so that their wearers can play to their heart’s content. Moncler items for children such as snow suits for children keep children warm even in low mountain temperatures.

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