Real Skiing in Virtual Reality

Fancy getting some practice in before hitting the slopes? Or just down-right obsessed and want to picture yourself skiing all your round?

Well keep your eyes peeled for a SkyTechSport. These guys have created cutting-edge technology that reproduces the exact sensation of going down the slope.

It matches real G-force – Full match of physical forces and biomechanics of skiing and snowboarding. Sensations are identical as well.

Stunning Virtual Reality – New technology of GPS scouting allows them to recreate any ski resort in the world and visualize it on a huge panorama screen in 4K resolution

They also coach U.S. Ski Team… U.S.Ski Team, U.S. Snowboarding and U.S. Freestyle athletes are training on virtual replicas of world-famous ski areas on SkyTechSport ski and snowboard simulators.

Cool huh?