TeXtreme® Technology used to create PRIME Series Skis

A brand we love for their skis is Faction. The brand was born from a group of ski bums ( a mix of Australians, Canadians, English and Americans) who spent the first winter testing and learning about materials and refining shapes in one of the biggest winter playgrounds (and après ski party scenes) in Europe.


As the years went by, their design and production processes became more sophisticated but they never lost sight of what was important to them – affordability, quality and fun.

They have recently introduced the PRIME series

“We’re so proud of these skis, where you can feel that we didn’t make any compromises. The Prime Series skis are light, stable, nimble and yet powerful.  It’s a ski that can perform in all conditions. We teamed up with TeXtreme to optimize our skis so that they would be exactly as we wanted them to be – a high-tech, almost impossibly perfect, balanced ski.” says Patrik Sannes, Product Engineer at Faction Collective.

TeXtreme® Technology is based on spreading tows (yarns) into very thin tapes and then weaving these tapes together to create ultralight and ultrathin woven fabrics which take advantage of proven thin ply theory to improve impact performance while reducing weight when compared to conventional woven carbon fiber fabrics.

Sannes continues, “We use TeXtreme® in a bias orientation to achieve extreme torsional stiffness. By using TeXtreme® as layers within our ski’s laminate, we place TeXtreme® at varying angles and axes, thereby spreading stability and stiffness across the whole width and length of the ski.”