Mountain Oil Paintings by Condrad Jon Godly

We are always on the hunt for artwork to hang at home to remind us that the mountains are calling.

We fell in love with Swiss painter Conrad Jon Godly’s mountainous paintings instantly. His what seems effortless application of paint seems like a thick mix of greys, blues and black up close but take a few steps back (or just squint your eyes a bit) and miraculously you might as well be looking at a photograph of the Swiss Alps. It’s a visual trick that the artist has perfected in both small and large-scale paintings over the last few years.

Godly studied as a painter at the Basel School of Art from 1982 until 1986, but then worked as a professional photographer for 18 years. He only returned to painting in 2007 and it would seem his photographic work has had a subtle influence on his abstract painting.