Is Coconut Water or H2O Better For Hydration On The Slopes?

Hydration is key on the mountain no matter what. Even if you stop off for lunch and a wine you need to get into the habit of having a water in between each beverage.

There is an ongoing debate around whether water or coconut water is better for staying hydrated, longer when performing an endurance exercise like skiing.

Personally, we prefer water. It’s accessible, easy and well, free. However, in the end, it always comes down to personal preference.

We spoke with some professional skiers to get their thoughts on whether it makes a difference. Some athletes swear by mixing coconut water with salt tabs before skiing, while others have never bothered with it at all.

Sure, coconut water contains electrolytes, which help your body rehydrate during long workouts. Does that mean you need to guzzle it down or you won’t function properly? No. You could just as easily choose to drink a glass of water with a little bit of salt and fruit added. Or, make a smoothie with a banana and peanut butter to get the sodium and potassium you need. Whether you choose to add coconut water to your routine or not, it should definitely never replace water completely. Our bodies rely on good old-fashioned H2O to keep everything running smoothly.