Your Own Portable Après Bar

Bring the Aperol Spritz to you!

Introducing Honomobar. The Honomobar is simple. It’s a shipping container that has been turned into a moveable bar. It can shipped ANYWHERE in North America whether it be on the slopes or to your own personal lodge.

The simplicity of the design means this is a literal plug and play bar, anywhere you want it. When you are done, lock it up, it’s waterproof, secure, and exceptionally durable.


  • 3ft Cedar Overhang
  • Black Aluminum Roll Shutter for Nightly or Seasonal Lock Up
  • Canadian Fir Treated Butcher Block Bar Top
  • Acid Wash Steel Accent Panel
  • Painted Original Container Floor (non-slip coating)
  • Hydraulic Lifting Arms for Main Window (Manual Lift)
  • JB for electrical extension cord pass through

More info: Honomobar