Art for your home: The Be@rbrick Medicom Toy In Cherry Blossom Pink

Japan has some of the best snow in the world and also the coolest art.

Selecting art for your home or (or those who are lucky enough to have their own ski chalet) is always so personal. Due to the nature of our site we usually share art that resinates with the snow or the mountain landscape, however, we couldn’t look past these Cherry Blossom Toys By Medicom.

Japan is infamously known for designing and producing the Medicom Be@arbricks Toys. If you haven’t heard of them, you more than likely have seen them. They are the faceless bear like, characters that have become some of the most collectible and sought-after toys going around.

This ‘400% Kutani Sakura Be@rbrick’ is made with Kutani-yaki — a style of Japanese porcelain indigenous to the region of the same name in the former Kara Province of Japan. The cracks on the surface of the toy were created using a special glazed coating over the ceramic, making each of the limited edition pieces unique, with its very own cracks, distortion, and texture.

The price might make you gawk… For a small porcelain toy you are looking at $2,594 (US). However, if you have the cash to splash, it will definitely be a conversational piece.
Image & info via: sivasdescalzo