A Ski Resort Like No Other, Ski Pucon

A ski resort that offers a different experience to others. Pucon is a small resort nestled in Chile’s lake district, right next to the Andes.

Its highest peak sits 9,317 feet and the resort only has 16 run, so it feel quaint in comparison to some of the bigger neighbouring resorts. The ski season runs from April-October each year.

But if you’ve got adventure running through your veins, it might be exactly what you are after. At Pucon Resort, you can actually get off at the resorts highest chair lift and then hike for approx. 2 hours to reach the edge of Villarrica Volcano. This volcano is Chile’s most active volcanos and frequently spews smoke. If you are super game, you can poke your head over the edge and look at the bubbling magma inside. The lava-gouged half pipes and treeless slopes you’ll pass on the ski back down reveal evidence of past eruptions…