How To Cook Like BBQ King, Francis Mallmann

He has cooked for Kings, Presidents, celebrities and government officials. He is one of the most renowned chefs in the world with one of the world’s most distinctive styles of cooking.

His name is Francis Mallmann, and he is the BBQ king of Argentina.

What makes the Patagonian born chef so distinct is his open fire, theatrical technique. He cooks over towering domed fire pits, hanging the meats and produce over the fire for a literal slow burn. This technique allows the flavours of the food to come to life. His primal style of cooking comes down to eight words that resonate with his style of cooking: smoke, fire, air, stone, salt, rain, meat, wine.

Trying to recreate this style of cooking at home could only be described as a pyro-disaster but Mallmann has partnered with Best Made to create a line of outdoor meat ‘towers’. The BBQ stands eight-feet-tall and features a ventilated firebox that replicates the style of equipment the world famous chef uses. Meats can be cooked right over the flames on a grated grill, seared on a flat top, or hung from above for smoking. The entire piece is made from steel and crafted in Argentina.

The price? $2,298 and can be purchased here.


Image via: Uncrate