This Alpine Shelter In Italy Is Available For You To Have A Pit Stop At

Its called Valpelline Bivouac and it’s an alpine shelter anchored to a rocky peak over 10,000 feet off the ground in Italy’s Morion ridge.

It acts as a base for climbers trekking across the jagged chain of peaks. The hut is made from composite sandwich panels, wood, and steel that was prefabricated off-site and transported by helicopter. It lightly sits on its foundation, mounted in a way that causes little disruption to the terrain. Inside, the interior offers an area to prepare food, a table and chairs, and storage for equipment. An east-facing window allows in heat from the sun, providing a warm refuge from the elements as well as views of the Becca di Luseney, Monte Rosa, and the Matterhorn.

Photos: Grzegorz Grodzicki