Icemule Boss, The Ultimate Cooler Bag

The biggest problem with soft coolers have always been ice retention, as they just don’t keep ice half as well as comparably-sized hard coolers. Simply put, you usually feel lucky if there’s still ice remaining on your soft cooler after 24 hours outdoors. That’s why we’re excited about the Icemule Boss, an upcoming soft cooler that boasts multi-day ice retention.

How many days? Icemule doesn’t really say. They do make a point of repeating the claim that it will “keep ice for days” over and over, so if we can get at least two or three days out of this, I’ll be a happy camper. We’re guessing they’re still testing to see its ice retention performance in different conditions, so, hopefully, we can get a definite word by the time it actually hits the market.

They will set you back about $300. The cheapest we can find is on Amazon here.