Stay At A Shipping Container Hotel

The Flying Nest Shipping Container Hotel is a roaming resort made up of stacked shipping containers.

The resorts is super nimble and can be moved to a new location and set up in less then one day.

Currently the hotel is perched 5,900 feet off the ground at the Avoriaz ski resort. Designed by Ora-ïto for AccorHotels, the units’ original steel facades have been clad in warm wood paneling for a cozy atmosphere. Each one houses a room that consists of a living area, a bathroom, and a bed situated below a large picture window showcasing the local landscapes. Outdoor terraces connect each module while offering an area where guests can gather and socialize over the present location. Flying Nest will remain in the French Alps through the winter, allowing skiers to shred the slopes from right outside their doorsteps.

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Photos: AccorHotels