Catch Your Own Private Jet To Your Next Ski Trip

So you are heading to the French Alps. You can picture the mountains and the feeling of your ski’s beneath you. The only thing in between you and the fresh powder is  that tedious flight and transfers getting there.

Well imagine this for a second…

YOU are able to decide when YOU want to fly, anytime YOU want, 24/7. YOU can arrange for any airports to be opened out of hours and permits to be granted in record breaking time. YOU can have an on-demand masseuse and have your legs rubbed down before your big week of skiing and personal chef on your flight, making a replica of a McDonalds Big Mac because that’s exactly what YOU felt like…

This is all sounding too good to be true you might ask? Nope, we are still going…

You get dropped to the door of your chalet where you can be well rested. The next morning you are greeting by your ski tour guide, waiting in your own private helicopter. You can then access any part of the Swiss Alps that you want too. Whenever you want to leave the helicopter is waiting for you to take you to lunch. 

How on earth is this possible?

There is a private jet company, Vimana Private Jets that is just as into skiing as we are and wants to make this happen for you.

Well, firstly Vimana Private Jets are independent broker’s and have access to over 5000 aircraft worldwide, allowing them to match clients’ needs and demands. They hold the relationships with the airports allowing them to virtually achieve the ‘impossible’ with any on -demand or last-minute requests. But what really makes it possible is the passion this company has for skiing and understanding that offering this kind of service would be making many dreams come true and a truly special and memorable experience.

Yes ok, this sounds epic but it’s obviously way too pricey…?

We understand the skiing culture and sport is already an expensive one and really mainly for people with privilege to enjoy it (we should all thank our lucky stars we get to enjoy it). So, even within that small group of people there is an even smaller group that could possibly consider an open like this.

The costs does depend on a lot of varying factors but if you are interested get in touch here.