Norway’s PAN Treetop Cabins

“The Pan treetop cabin is the cultivated house that strangely stands alone, surrounded by the mythology of the forest.The cabins have a muted exterior in the woods yet they have a glowing, warm, snug and safe interior. “

– Espen Surnevik, architect

With a bird’s eye view over Norway´s beautiful Finnskogen forest, this treetop cabin is the perfect place for tourists who want to escape the rat race and reconnect with nature and themselves. Pan treetop cabins are located at Finnskogen, about a two-hours drive away from Oslo and Gardermoen. If you come from Hamar or Kongsvinger it will take you an hour to drive here and if you go from Värmland, Sweden it takes you around 20 minutes to get here.

They stay isn’t too ‘hippy, alternate’, more a quiet place in the forest where you can experience traditional Normal food and extraordinary animal life. A stay in comfortable – with 40 sqm cabins that can fit up to 6 people and are suitable for families of all ages, groups of friends and all travellers with the desire to experience the real Norwegian wilderness.

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