The Fusalp Levanne Ski Jacket

Fusalp has been one of our favourite women’s brands for a while now. We love the tight, well-fitted feminine styles that are pretty hard to come by on the ski market.  It was actually this ‘tightness’ of pants that brought two tailors from Annecy together. They wanted to create a skin-tight ‘fuseau’ stirrup pants that allowed women to feel beautiful on the slopes, whilst keeping warm.

One of our favourite looks from this season was the Fulsalp Levanne Ski Jacket & Tipi II Ski Pants. Our founder, @lucindapikkat took the outfit for a spin in Val d’Isère and shared her thoughts;

“The outfit is REALLY well fitted which is exactly what I wanted. I loved the cut and colour and instantly felt ‘special’ in it but I have struggled finding a brand that can fuse fashion and performance, so I was excited to try the outfit out for a full week of skiing to see if I would be stand the test of time and mountain terrain! The jacket is made of softshell and has total stretch, so movement & comfort was great – I was really impressed. I also love that the collar is made of detachable faux rabbit fur, so you can remove for heavy snow days.”

Check out the Fusalp Womens Collection here.