Why You Have To Visit Bolivia in 2019

There are some tourist hot spots in South America and Bolivia is not one of them. However, after seeing this accommodation we have changed our minds…

Kachi Lodge domes looks like something in between Burning Man and Space Odyssey. Opening in February 2019, Kachi Lodge domes offer the comfort of a hotel room with a private bathroom, comfortable bedding, interior decoration and proper heating, whilst being able to be out in the wilderness under the stairs.

Inside the domes, a wooden screen has been mounted to protect the shower area, the ceramic washbasins and the restrooms.

Despite the baron look from the outside, the interior feels cozy. The double bed centrally placed for maximum view. A wooden trunk is placed on the side of the bed to host lanterns, while light wooden stools and a small ladder compose a minimalist set-up around the central stove. The décor naturally embraces the cold outside.

So if you are planning on doing South America, we suggest adding this place to the itinerary.

More info here.

Dig the DMOS Alpha Snow Shovel


If you live in the colder climates, the DMOS Alpha Snow Shovel could soon become your best friend.

This portable shovel is small enough to hold in your backpack and tough enough to break down the toughest of snow.

it’s been stress tested and found to withstand 3886 pounds of force and Fahrenheit temperatures ranging from -40 to 170.

If you are planning a long hike, some off-piste skiing or just want to be ready for an emergency situation, this snow shovel will have you covered.

A Sake Designed Especially For The Australian Palate

For Melbourne, Australia based founders Yuta and Shar Kobayashi, Tōji Sake was designed especially for the Australian palate.

Acknowledging that sake has an acquired taste, the founders travelled throughout Japan studying (and tasting) a lot of sake from respected brewmasters and found a way to combine their love of traditional Japanese culture with the contemporary Melbourne food scene. The result is Tōji, a premium sake which bridged the gap between the classic Japanese drink and the modern Australian palate.

The price? $32 or available at Australian restaurants.


Discover the Idyllic Onsen Hot Pools of New Zealand

Discover the Idyllic Onsen Hot Pools of New Zealand

If this were a game of Family Feud and we said ‘New Zealand’ we doubt ‘Onsen Spas’ would be a winning answer.

However there is one spa that continues to pop up on our radar & is vastly becoming a recognisable New Zealand hot spot. All you need to do is look at their IG feed and do a few scrolls before you are convinced.

The Onsen Hot Pools are found in Queenstown, located high on a cliffside, allowing for spectacular views over the Shotover River canyon.

They provide a boutique day spa experience that prides itself on privacy. Providing private cedar-lined hot pools plus a newly opened massage facility.

Onsen Hot Pools can be set to up to 39.8C & are open 9-11pm, so great for those want to relax after a day on the slopes. Each pool can accommodate up to four adults and are perfect for individuals, couples, families and friends.

More info here.

Images by: @manueldietrichphotography and @onsenhotpools

The Danner, Snow Boots Perfect For All Seasons

The Dinner Mountain Pass in custom ‘S’mores’ colorway available exclusively at Huckberry.

It is made from full-grain leather, the Mountain Pass boot is durable and breathable. It also features a lightweight Vibram sole built to grip any terrain in any conditions.The combination of a shock-absorbing midsole and a breathable, waterproof Gore-Tex liner keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long.

Using contemporary materials, technology, and construction methods gives the boots a healthy dose of the iconic, rugged looks that make you say “Yep, that’s a Danner alright.”

They RRP for $380 (US). Click below to purchase.

The Deplar Hotel, A Luxury Farm Stay in Iceland

The gorgeous farm stay hotel, Deplar, offers one of the most modest-luxury stays in Europe. However, up until recently, Deplar farm was a sheep farm and the original building still stands. Now Deplar is an exquisitely furnished home with a yoga room, Equinox-style gym, geothermal spa, steam room, four massage rooms, an in-ground Viking sauna, plunge pool, geothermal heated pool complete with swim-up bar, and a couple of floatation tanks thrown in for good measure.

The property is remote. So much so it feels like the place at the edge of the earth, in the best way possible. Daplar is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and lies in the Fljot valley next to a shimmering lake, miles away from anything else.

To see prices and availability, have a browse here.

Daft Punk Christmas Baubles

It’s official, Christmas is creeping up and Daft Punk have unveiled Christmas baubles in the shape of their famous helmets. The French DJ’s limited edition Christmas collection includes christmas balls, a candle and snowballs sold in limited edition on their website. Also, be sure to check as well their 80s/90s inspired posters collection.

White Gold Panted Bindings, Anyone?

White gold plated bindings… Customised initials on each pair of ski’s… There really isn’t another pair of luxury ski’s on the market.

Foil Skis, consider themselves perfectionists when designing and creating skis and ensure their skis are at the highest quality.

The Bianco White Ski’s are chic, durable and offer extreme performance
Check them out here.